mi casa es su casa.

I’ve been debating forever on whether or not I should post pics of my own house. I’m sure you understand my dilemma: what if it’s not good enough, fun enough, fabulous enough? But you know, I love real houses the most. The kind that aren’t styled, aren’t professionally photographed, but are just real. And cute. And fabulous in that raw sort of way.

So here goes. My bedroom:

  • I just love the pics of your bedroom. Good ideas for tall walls! The black and white works so well. And I think that your puppy is adorable!

  • The design is fantastic… But how much did it cost for all the matching black and white pieces? I would love to have that room, but I don’t think I have the extra money to buy (for example) all black and white covered books. But with that said, still LOVE IT!

  • THANKS to both of you!

    The room was relatively inexpensive to create, as I used a bit of creativity and a lot of wrapping paper!

    All of my books are covered with black/white wrapping paper [from Pop Ink] and much of the figurines were found at thrift shops around the town.

    The plates were collected over time from designers such as Rosanna, Thomas Paul and Barbara Barry.

    Other than that, the decals are Blik Graphics and the textiles are Urban Outfitters [so cheap!]. The chair was a thrift find re-upholstered.

    Hope this helps!

  • Love it, and mostly love all the little tips you just gave in the comments section! I don’t know, EB, I think you might have a knack for this design-on-a-dime thing. Very cool! Have you considered taking the blog in the direction of cheap DIY creativity? Not that there’s anything wrong with the direction it’s going now, because it’s fabulous!

    What I really got on here to comment, though, was how cute my little Bernie is. He’s the perfect accessory to any bedroom!

  • SB: THANK YOU! You’re my penguin. And I have thought about doing a design-on-a-dime blog, but I love the expensive, pretty stuff just too much. So I’ll stick with a few DOAD features and go with that.

    Bernie says thanks for the hot comment. He’s Flash’s biggest fan.

  • EB…my significant other and I have stayed at many hotels/motels through the years. Anything from cockroach infested daybeds to 4 star luxury suites have been our home away from home on our travels. However, we must admit,
    that the pictures you have shown depict your own unique sense of style. Now the world can enjoy your tasteful, but homey, style of decorating on a budget.
    Do you plan to share pictures of the rest of your home? LL

  • LL: Thank you for the LOVELY comment! I do plan to showcase the rest of our home… in time.

    Check back, and thanks for visiting!

  • Gorgeous!!!!!!

    Can’t wait to see the rest of it.

    Oh, and please make sure that adoraable doggy is in every shot!

  • Your bedroom is SO SO SO lovely! Love your style. The silhouette plates are so cool! I hope you’ll post the plate collection to the Displaying Collections Flikr group

  • Abbey: You are totally my fave. And where have I been? Had NO idea there was a Flickr plate collection?

    Man, I’m out of the loop.

  • Beautiful! I know what you mean about being nervous to post pics of your own space but at the end of the day it’s YOUR blog and what you say goes! People stop by your blog because they dig your taste so chances are they’ll like your home too. I love it and can’t wait to see more.

  • wow! i love your bedroom!!! please do show more of your house!!! i saw it featured on two blogs i read and now im an insta-fan of your blog!

  • Antibride: THANKS!!! I’ll do my best to post more pics of the rest of my house… when it’s clean!

  • nice. have the same bedspread and uo black mirror… like some of your plates as well.

  • Kim: I’d love to see how you used your pieces! It’s amazing how differently they can be incorporated throughout a room.

    Email me if you’d like: [email protected]


  • Can you please tell me what paint color you used!! I just changed my bedroom to this same color scheme, your paint color is the PERFECT final touch.

  • This is the first time I’ve been to your blog and I’ll be coming back for more! I LOVE your bedroom!!!! I think I found a fellow black/white fanatic. :) I fell in love with black and white about 3 years ago in Germany and I’ve had an obsession ever since–it’s kinda nice that it’s “in” right now because there are SO many awesome new B/W things to collect! I have to say my favorites from your room are the rug and the stencils. But I love it all. Thanks for sharing! See you online again soon!

  • Kami: Yay! A fellow black and whiter!!! I just love that a room can be eclectic but still classy when you use a black/white color palette.

    Thanks so much for your compliments; it’s great to e-meet you!!! :)

  • Hi there! I ABSOLUTELY LOVE YOUR ROOM!!! Do you remember where you bought your pillows?? They are great!!!

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