vertus clothing: forgotten artist.

A friend of mine has recently launched Vertus clothing, soon to appear in GQ this fall, and I was just so excited for him I couldn’t wait to share his work with y’all.

Vertus is an organic clothing line created to generate environmental and social awareness through fashion and art. My fave part about Vertus clothing is undoubtedly ‘The Forgotten Artist’ line, which strives to help homeless street artists that live solely for their art. Vertus realizes the importance of art and how this single passion fuels the survival of many of these dedicated artists on the streets. Proceeds from this line go directly to these artists.

LOVE this. Love it, love it, love it. Vertus’ clothing designs aren’t quite up on their website yet, but feel free to find more about Vertus here.

[thanks, Robb!]
  • Benny,

    I looked for photos of their clothing lines but didn’t find any on there site. Is there a way to view the clothing and possibly order it online?


  • mle:

    Left a comment on your blog, but for everyone who’s reading, Vertus Clothing isn’t available for sale (that I know of) quite yet. Order info to come, and I’ll be sure to keep you posted!!!

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