2007-08 holiday gift guide: for tweens & teens.

Whew! It’s that time again; Installment #3 of DFM’s own Holiday Gift Guide! Today’s extensive guide lists the top twenty gifts for tweens & teens that are sure to make your angst-driven kid swoon!

Scroll down for updates every few minutes, with the entire guide uploaded by 10AM (PST).

And in case you missed yesterday’s guide for the kiddies, click here.
OR, if you’d like to see the entire guide thus far (babies AND kiddies), click here.

Happy shopping, and check back tomorrow morning for an all-new gift guide: for college bound gals!

  • Very intriguing selections. Some of these gifts are suitable for the “young in heart,” or for those who have never grown up. The queen bag would be great for hauling those library books back and forth. And of course for the the “science major”, “What’s Your Poo Telling You?”


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