• jennifer davis.

    11.07.2007 / Miscellaneous

    Ahhh, Jennifer Davis. I must be on another one of my art kicks, because I find myself gravitating toward Jennifer’s work again and again. Jennifer is one of those artists who is talented not only for her fabulous eye and execution, but for her mind. Each of her pieces are painfully strong and thought-provoking.

    Better yet? She’s a fellow blogger.

    Still better yet? She’s cleared out some of her old gallery pieces to sell on Etsy.

    Ahhhh I LOVE a good art day!

    Click here to view Jennifer’s website, full of exciting pieces: some new, some old.

    Thanks, Jennifer!

    • Style Saves the World

      I LOVE that top piece. Luuuuuv it.

    • design for mankind.

      Meeeee toooooo!!! :)

    • karin

      I want to have this icebear dress!!

    • Brilliant Asylum

      Deer are having the best year ever. Not only as decorative objects d’ art (I only support the use of naturally shed antlers), but featured in so many cool paintings and drawings.

    • design for mankind.

      Karin: Ooh, that would make a fabulous dress.

      And Millie: Aren’t they? Deers for ’08, man.

    • Jessica

      oooo now this is something to go gaga over..love it.

    • design for mankind.

      Seriously, Jessica!

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