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    01.31.2008 / Miscellaneous

    No joke. The BIG REVEAL is upon us. I am SO SO excited, so I’m going to get straight to the point:

    For the past month, I’ve been working with some FASCINATING members of the design community to compile DFM’s FIRST-EVER…


    It’s free. It’s downloadable. It’s my gift to you. Keep it, share it, spread the word, or use it as giftwrap. Do what you will, but know that it’s my thanks to you, the bloggers/readers/designers/artists/etc, for inspiring me DAILY.

    Special thanks to my flickr friends for ALL of your help!

    Email me ASAP at [email protected] if you’d like to be involved in Issue #2— I’ve already started compiling the goods!

    Click here to download all twenty pages, chock full of inspiration.

    Love to you.
    [p.s. I’m going to take a much needed blogger’s break today, but I’ll be back Friday to hear how much you loved the e-zine!] [EDIT: 2/8/08– For those of you that attempted to download the zine yesterday and had trouble, the link is fixed. Download away!!! :)]

    • Karen

      NOW I remember how I found your blog! Your lovely E-zine was featured on Bloesem; I downloaded it, skimmed it and then put it aside “to read later”. Been reading your blog since, but just now remembered to go back and read through this entire thing! AMAZING compilation of inspiration. Lovely job with this, really.

    • Anonymous

      This is absolutely great and incredibly inspiring. It made me immediately make time this weekend to dedicate time to updating my space at home and making my cards.

    • nosheen

      wow thanks for sharing all the lovelies you find!!! Can’t wait to see your next issue :)

    • MammyT

      A visual feast. Thank you

    • MammyT

      And…I have linked to you from my site.

    • .kate

      Oh my gosh! I think I am in love!

      A venue for like minded people who love to be inspired.


    • frida

      so great to discover something new and innovative

    • Wonderful Zine. I really was drawn and inspired. Thank you :)

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