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    01.21.2008 / Miscellaneous

    Kirsten over at Kootoyoo responded to this post over the weekend with a fun and simple DIY project.

    I loooove the material that she chose to re-create the look with. What better material to use for newspaper storage than newspaper itself? Kirsten was kind enough to give step-by-step instructions for her new stand, so take note! You can also download a PDF of her project guide by clicking on the newsrack image right here.

    Thanks, Kirsten! You win an AWESOME surprise from DFM, mailed VERY very soon! :)

    1. Gather Supplies
    What I used:
    Broadsheet newspaper (5 broadsheet pages)
    Scraps of black cotton
    Wire coathangers (x2)
    Dowel (x2) cut to size
    A4 size cardboard (x2)

    2. Prepare Casings
    Cut the strips approximately 10cm wide & cut lengths to match newspaper dimensions (2 x width & 2 x length between the 2 width casings).
    Hem at top & bottom on sewing machine.
    With right sides together, stitch a tube.
    Turn right-side up.

    3. Attach casings to holder
    Lay the two shorter casings on the wrong side of the newspaper (this is the side you don’t want visible).
    Sew the two shorter casings to the top & bottom of the newspaper with one row of stitching along each casing edge. These casings house the dowel.

    4. Attach casing on folded edge
    Lay one of the longer casings on the wrong side of the newspaper along the folded edge of the newspaper.
    Stich as for previous step. Do NOT attach the other casing at this point.

    5. Insert cardboard
    Insert the cardboard pieces into the middle of the sheets of newspaper.

    6. Attach casing to last edge
    Lay one of the longer casings on the wrong side of the newspaper along the remaining edge of the newspaper.
    Stitch as for previous.

    7. Assembly
    Lay your paper flat with the casings facing up.
    Manipulate the card board so that it is away from where the center fold will be.
    Now thread the dowel through the top & bottom casing.

    8. Wire casings
    Twist & release the coat hangers & straighten.
    Thread the wire through the side casings & cut to length using wire cutters.

    9. Fold
    Carefully bend the wire so that the two dowels meet & your holder is a V shape.

    10. Hang the rack
    You could suspend these on the wall on brackets from IKEA of use a desktop suspension file stand. These are readily available from office supply stores. If you choose this option you may need to trim the newspaper before you begin assembly.

    Other suggestions
    Using the same instructions you could use:
    linen, brown craft paper or printed fabric of your choice!

    • We Are Not Martha

      Ooh what a good idea. Thank you for the detailed instructions…I might have to try making this!

    • h&b

      Clever lady ! ;)

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      Thanks, ladies!

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