andrea shear.

I felt a little bluesy yesterday, so naturally, I surfed on over to Andrea’s site for a bit of melancholy. Misery loves company, yes?

I have NO idea why everyone in Andrea’s pieces are so sad, but I love them anyway. I like a decent mix of the good/bad and happy/sad; life’s all about balance, you know? So I’d love to have a few Andrea pieces juxtaposed with my bright Marmee Craft prints ANY day.

Andrea lives/works in L.A., so I may get to stalk her! Totally awesome! Besides, anyone who displays their napkin doodles proudly is TOTAL stalk-worthy in my book.

Anyway, thanks, Andrea, for giving me inspiration— even in my worst of moods!

Click here to peruse Andrea’s drawings, animation or paintings or click here to purchase! AND, be sure to check out her bio for interesting happenings in the life of Ms. Shear!

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