five and a half: postcard project.

It’s no secret that Five and a Half is pretty much the coolest place in the world. I love their journals and realistic photographs, filled with SPECTACULAR imagery and locations.

So when super cute Lillie emailed me last week to fill me in on their newest venture, I knew it would be a good one.

But THIS good? I had NO idea.

The Postcard Project is a harken to the days of December, when our mailboxes (NOT inboxes) are filled to the brim, along with our spirits (and for some of us, waistlines!). So, to bring a bit of fun into our lives, Five and a Half is hard at work to make us very, very happy. Here’s the skinny:

You + address, emailed to [email protected] with subject line “postcard please.”
Five and a Half + postcard, mailed to you within a week or two.
You + camera, taking a picture with your postcard and emailing it to [email protected]
Five and a Half + your picture, posted on their site.

So, if you are a sucker for web-exposure and would love to see your pic on Five and a Half’s site, or if you have no friends and receive no mail that isn’t addressed to “Current resident”, then well… this project is right up your alley.

Sign up, right here, right now. Thanks, Five and a Half, for being FUN in FEBRUARY!!! :)

  • what a fantastic idea! snail mail is the best. i’ve already submitted my name and address. :)

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