home sweet home: kristina ogilvie.

Kristina is totally one of those people that I would stalk if she lived closer. I’d wait around the corner of her building and shadow her walks, just to see what color shoes she was wearing. And then, that day at the market, I’d figure out a way to chat with her so that she’d love me and we could be friends. And then I’d buy the same color shoes as her and she’d see right through me; that I wasn’t a friend, just some total weirdo girl that just wanted to be her friend for the love of the shoe.

Anyway, I love her apartment in a BIG way. L-O-V-E- love. Which reminds me of that cute little moment in The Little Rascals, which is my sick movie. You know, the movie I watch when I’m sick. The pickle for a nickel part always makes me feel better.

ANYWAY, Kristina. Yes. And Kristina’s apartment. Yum.

I chatted with her this week about her future plans, and just how she could make the space any more fabulous than it already is. She said:

“Ha – what *don’t* I plan on doing? I want to thrift for some busts and replace whatever’s on the top of my bookcase right now with [busts] (uplit), and I have a lot of art (purchases at etsy, tiny showcase, 20×200, etc.), so I want to frame that up and put it up behind the dining room table. I have so many ideas, and…no money.”

Ahh, I have the same problem. What does Kristina do? [Yes, I’m going to start the WDKD bracelet trend. Just wait]:

“In terms of tips, a lot (if not all) of my stuff is found (thrift stores, craigslist, white/brown elephant, or inherited) so the two principles I stick to is that I don’t want to have display or even have anything that isn’t functional (no tchotchkes or knick-knacks…although I suppose with the busts, that might be problematic, but I want to get busts of random people, like Bach as opposed to Beethoven, or one of the lesser Caesars…that’s the plan anyway) and I don’t want to have or display anything that doesn’t mean something. (I sound like a version of Lloyd Dobler…) [editor’s note: She just said Lloyd Dobler… I officially love her!] So I’ve got the pictures of my family in the kitchen, across from where I’ve hung the license plates from my first two cars, and the kimono my aunt gave me, etc. etc. etc. “

So yes. She’s awesome. Do you see it? Don’t you want to stalk her, too?

Ok, but don’t. Seriously.

  • Get this, Sarah…

    It used to be a mirror from IKEA (I have the same one!), and sadly, it arrived cracked and damaged. So rather than sending it back and paying for shipping (or whatever else you’d do at that case), Kristina got resourceful and removed the glass, painted chalkboard paint onto the surface and WALA— a message board!

    Awesome, yes?

  • your whole stalking thing had me cracking up! i get the exact same feeling when i am wowed by a person.

  • I didn’t get the mirror at IKEA, but rather bought it on ebay. Either way, dirt cheap and while I’m sad that the mirror broke, I like this a lot better because I can’t imagine having to critique my appearance every time I leave the house. I don’t think I’m all that stalkworthy, since my shoes right now are sadness and brown since all I get to wear anymore are heavy snow boots because of the nuclear winter we’re suffering here in Chicago, but thanks either way!

  • Oops! I TOTALLY thought it was from IKEA!

    Oh and Kati— seriously. You can be my stalking buddy.

    Wow. I can’t believe I just said that. Whew. Problems.

  • Ok, I just have to come here to laugh. And admire. And be in awe. All while laughing and choking on my latte and having it spew out on to my keyboard.

    You are a RIOT!

    Thanks for the fun inspiration!

  • The Calendar Room is very “IF LUCY FELL”…I’d love to have enough room to do that. I might actaully feel organized and get places on time :)

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