matthew woodson.

Serious range alert! Serious range alert!

This guy’s got some talent– far and wide. Originally from Southern Indiana (YAYYYYYY, HOOSIERS!!!), Matthew now lives in his Chicago apartment chock full of taxidermy, hardwood floors, his vocal cat and skinny dog.

The coolest thing? The guy’s a total young’n. Graduated from the Art Institute of Chicago in 2006. Yep, like two years ago. Ohhhh, I love a good young’n designer!

Anyway, he’s worked for some big box brands from American Express to Wired Mag and everything in between, so I’m thinking he’s got more experience than most gents twice his age.

Keep it up, Matty (I’m calling you that b/c we’re fellow Hoosiers, so I can).

Click here to view his AWESOME work, or purchase a few of his prints for just $25-40 bucks over here at Thumbtack Press.

  • I stumbled across Matthew’s work a year or two ago and fell in love the second I saw his piece “Don’t You Leave Me Here” as the top banner on his page. Such gorgeous, lovely work!

  • been a fan of matthews work for a long time now, he used to be a regular at nowgocreate as far as i can remember, this was back in early 2000ish.

    glad to see he’s going from strength to strengh, he’s got some serious talent that’s for sure. love his lines and use of colour, i can only dream of being able to produce work of his caliber.

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