moto moto.

Ok, so today was like the ultimate ‘bad case of the Mondays’ Monday, and I was just NOT excited to get out of bed. Which is odd for me, b/c I’m usually annoyingly chipper in the mornings. But today? Nuh.

But of course, the second I stumbled upon Moto Moto (thanks for the flickr add!), my day changed for the better. Either that, or my second cup of coffee kicked in, but I’m thinking it was the Moto that did me in.

Her prints are just so lovely, and I’m a sucker for any art that shows movement on some level. Windy days are the best days, so I couldn’t image anything cuter than Moto Moto’s work.

Naturally, I’m having a hard time choosing my fave (what’s new?), but I’m sort of partial to this cutie b/c the mushrooms are just so… mushroom-like.

Anyway, click here to purchase Moto Moto’s prints for just $20 on Etsy. A total steal from an emerging artist— I guarantee you’ll be seeing much more of this gal in the future! OR, feel free to stop by Moto Moto’s blog and say hello— she’s a blogging newbie and could use all the encouragement she can get!