• trend alert: anatomical hearts.

    02.04.2008 / Miscellaneous

    [bad heart print by india richer: $32].

    It’s about time for a trend alert, yes? It’s been AGES, I know, but luckily, I’m just in time for V Day.

    Anatomical hearts have been ALL over the freaking place. ALL over. Everywhere. As in, EVERY WHERE. I haven’t decided how I feel about the trend yet, as it’s a bit angsty, but it’s here, and it’s not going anywhere for a few months, despite what DFM may say.

    So, here’s a fun little lasso of everyone’s favorite organ… enjoy!:

    [heart necklace at imogene: $20].

    [enlarged heart print by renee de montaigne: $65].

    [heart of hearts necklace from nanopod: $32].

    [anatomica heart necklace from paraphernalia: $20].

    [anatomical heart pendant from anomalousbits: $5].

    [anatomical heart magnet from crowbiz: $3].

    [anatomical heart pinback button at etsy: $1.50].

    [glossy love from clovergrove: $15].

    [anatomical heart illustration mounted rubber stamp by terbearco: $14.99].

    [pink winged tender anatomical heart kitten heels by mulletlove: $20]

    [anatomical beating heart stud post jewelry earrings by melikewoah: $5].

    [my beating heart t-shirt by variousandsundry: $20].

    [anatomical heart block print cards by rusted designs: $10.75].

    [hand-painted silk anatomical heart tie by crrysstall: $30].

    Whew! Happy early V-Day!

    • Vanda


      The Heart Necklace from Imogene is actually from Paraphernalia!

      Thank you for including me! (twice!)

    • design for mankind.

      Vanda– just fixed! Thanks much!!! :)

    • How cool that anatomical hearts have hit a Trendy List…!

      I’m an anatomical and medical illustrator who’s been recreating the subject of my academic work in cast silver jewelry for years. I mostly make them for doctors, but I think it’s normal for everyone to be interested in what’s under their skin!

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