double take: carrie’s closet from sex and the city.

Dear Kylie has done it again! She’s joining us today with yet another fabulous edition of Double Take, where we bring you silver screen style RIGHT to your home! Take it away, Kylie!…

Will Carrie return to her bachelorette apartment in the new Sex And The City movie? With all of the hype about the long-awaited film that’s due to be released on May 30 (can May please come sooner!), I thought we could have a little fun trying to recreate the look of the famous apartment that we all grew to love. Carrie’s home felt so real, so New York, and so lived-in by a 30-something social butterfly. Fashion, or should I just say shoes, definitely took a higher priority than the domestic life. But can I please have her movie star closet?

Carrie’s one-bedroom Upper East Side apartment has the familiar flea market feel, with each piece of furniture infusing the Carrie personality. A great wall of bookshelves holding hundreds of Vogue, Madamoiselle, and New Yorker magazines greets you at the entryway. All we have to do is grab a couple of stained expedit bookcases, natural magazine files, and all of those magazines you have hidden under your bed…and voilà!
Carrie’s living room is a little sparse but has two important pieces: Aidan’s leather chair and the triangular-legged coffee table. This piece reminds me of the bradshaw cocktail table at Room & Board and it looks like some readers on Apartment Therapy had the same idea. Don’t forget the Manolo Blahnik volumes (try out Blahnik by Boman and Manolo Blahnik Drawings) that the set designers purposely left laying around.

I’ve always been a fan of the comfort of Carrie’s bedroom. Twinkle Living’s rose lavender duvet cover is similar to Carrie’s purple duvet while the marblehead table from Feather & Black is not too far off from her bedside table. For artwork, try finding original black & white photography on Etsy that reflects your personality, then take it to your local framer and request large mats with brushed silver frames. If you are looking for a quick solution, is a great resource. And don’t forget the rustic chair beside Carrie’s bed. Anthropologie’s madeline chair would be a grown up substitute.

Jeremy Conway, production designer for the HBO series, was the mastermind behind the interior design of Carrie, Charlotte, Miranda, and Samantha’s homes. His crew “employed a particular color theory for each of them that helped in identifying character and personality. The idea is to be able to look at a room and say, ‘Now that’s very Carrie.’” As Paloma noted on her lovely blog, this couldn’t be more true for Carrie’s closet. The gorgeous deep teal-grey-blue of the walls and shelves makes this room the most glamourous in the entire apartment. And why shouldn’t it be when it’s the home of thousands of dollars worth of shoes and vintage clothes. Benjamin Moore’s normandy would be a good place to start if you are thinking of transforming your own closet with a coat of paint.

We’ll just have to wait for the Sex And The City movie to see where our dear Carrie ends up living. But until then, check out your local flea market for individual furniture pieces that will give your place a more “authentic Carrie pre-phase 4 of Mr. Big” look.