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So. My hard drive crashed two days ago (actually, it was more of a crash, fire and explosion) and rather than spending almost $500 to fix it, I bid farewell to my handy MacBook and just purchased another one.

[A little Erin-Trivia for you will certainly provide insight into how hard this decision was for me: I HATE new things. They make me tremble, and I’m still washing my hands obsessively before touching the new, white shining keyboard in fear of getting a speck of dirt on it].

Anyway, I am fortunate enough to be betrothed to a Back-Up Nazi, so my files are all in tact. I did, however, make the MASSIVE mistake of not backing up my bookmarks in Firefox OR Safari. Which is bad, bad news for a blogger. I don’t know about you, but thousands of my resources come from my bookmarks where I’ve saved random tidbits of information for the past four years. Needless to say, I’m trembling for two reasons today.

SO. Here’s a little contest. I need all of your help here (Ez– I know you can sympathize here!). Send me your bookmarks. I don’t care how many, how few, but I want them ALL. Place your favorite sites in the comment section, or shoot me an email right here.

And the good news? Whoever sends me the MOST links that I’ve never heard of before OR if you send over something that catches my eye, I’ll send you a free inspiration poster.

Deal? Go get ’em tigers… I knew I could count on you!! :)

  • Ouch! I feel your pain. My bookmarks aren’t very extensive (’cause I’m still getting used to that leap from Windows to Mac) but I’ll get together some I think you might like (if you don’t already). Have a fab weekend!

  • how long will this contest be going on for? All my good bookmarks are at work :( Although I’m pretty sure you’ve probably heard of a majority of my bookmarks..

  • um….i’m not sure what bookmarks are. are they favorites? if so, i’m on it. if not, i need to figure out what these bookmark-things are. they sound fun.

  • Ha, yes… favorites. :)

    And yay! Thank you all!

    Kristen— it lasts as long as you’d like! Next week, perhaps?

  • Yikes! I actually had a variation on this a couple of weeks ago when I upgraded my Mac’s OS — I backed everything up, then had a two week pause until my Mac guru could do the upgrade and transfer it all back. What I forgot to do was back up the two weeks of waiting, so I lost a bunch of shiny new bookmarks (and email – ouch). Anyway, quickest access to my fave bookmarks is the links on my blog. Hope this helps, and good luck!


  • ohhhhh… you should start using I have about 1670, looked it up… bookmarks there…
    The beauty of it is that it doesn’t matter where I am I have access to my favorite sites. At a friend’s house and they mention needing curtains… my resources are as close as their computer. Plus instead of trying to remember where the heck I filed something, every bookmark gets as many tags as I might want to find it under later. Granted I need to finish “grouping” them, and I haven’t bookmarked all the blogs I read… (They are in Google Reader with my favorite posts starred instead of bookmarked in, which I should do to keep it all together) but for the most part all traditional websites that I want to track are bookmarked. So you want bookmarks… here are mine

    Start now since you get to start with a clean slate… Although bookmarks can be imported, if you’ve already started new ones…

    yes, I like my ellipses… :)

  • This is ridiculous, Zaya, and I know I’m going to get some kind of lecture about this from someone, but’ interface makes me crazy. I can’t find anything and I don’t know if it’s because I’m using it wrong or b/c I’m used to my beautifully organized bookmarks. AH! What’s a gal to do?

    BUT. Thanks for your links— they’re excellent! :)

  • No lecture from me. A lot of it drives me nuts, expecially the tags that don’t neatly fit into a bundle. But I do like it better than the alternative of trying to share my links between three computers… For the longest time I tried just keeping a page on my site that I would update with all my links, but was easier…

    I wish someone would design something similar, but more organized and user friendly for moving things around, and nicer looking wouldn’t hurt either. I want to drag and drop tags into their groups and things like that.

  • oh, horror of all horrors! i would be completely lost if all my bookmarks were gone. i’m sending you an email with an exported files attached straightaway. from my mac book to yours. :)

  • Oooh, Zaya— GOOD idea. Where’s the web designers when I need ’em?

    And Jess— you’re an ANGEL. THANK YOU! :)

  • I use only bc it was the first one I had ever heard of and, even though I hate the layout too, I don’t have to time to switch! But there are other social bookmarking sites like furl or simpy you might like better.

    ps: here’s mind –

  • Oh sounds terrible!

    here are a few of my favorites that might be new to you:

    It is in French but the photos of her outfits are amazing – makes me want to be more Parisian.

    The Switchboards:
    A website for women indie entrepreneurs – mostly handmade artists and designers.

    Bonbi Forest:
    Amazing online indie shop in the UK

    NEET magazine:
    Indie design magazine (monthly and free too!)

    Adorable crafty blog:

    Worn Fashion Journal (indie fashion magazine – it is what I have always wished for in a fashion magazine. I just got the latest issue in the mail. A whole article on the history of toille!)


  • If you don’t like (I rarely use it because I can’t spell it!), try FoxMarks. It simply backs up your bookmarks for you. It also has the added benefit of synchronizing your bookmarks between two computers in case you want to bookmark something at work and have it appear in your bookmarks at home.


  • im going to reiterate how awesome delicious is. i only use my firefox bookmarks for temporary things that i want to read my throughly before i bookmark them in delicious. the firefox extension works really well, and i like how organized everything stays on my page!

  • Oh Erin, that sucks. I’m glad you backed up your files though! Just a tidbit, you can also back up your bookmarks as part of your backup procedure (for the future). If you back up your “library” folder under your “home” folder. Library has all your preferences for your programs, etc. and your internet browser preferences are in there as well. If you happened to back up the Library folder, then your bookmarks are there (the folder they are in would have to be hunted down, but you could probably do a find for “bookmark” or “bookmarks.” Good luck!

  • Ooh, that sounds like a big distress, hope you´ll find some nice and new inspiriration through all of this though! (We have to see things the sunny side up, right?)

  • Oh bloody hell, I haven’t backed up ANYTHING….photos, documents, bookmarks, music…no back up at all! I’m scared now, guess what I’ll be doing for the rest of the weekend?!
    d x
    I’ll try to send you some links

  • for blogs, i really really love bloglines. just the thought of losing all of my bookmarks makes me panic. i’ll be sending you an email of my blogs and whatever else i think you’ll like.

  • ouch, how awful! i feel your pain … i’m going through the exact same thing. My computer also gave up on me, still got the files, except bookmarks and feeds! f*** hate it! so, i can’t help you out, but i wish you all the luck on the new link quest!

  • Oh you are all SO, so kind to me. I’m hearing you lovers LOUD and clear, though, and I may just need to suck it up and live with the interface.

    Unless Rob from NeatoStuff feels inspired to design a 2.0 for us all, eh? ;)

    Love to you all— enjoy the rest of your weekend, and you’ve given me PLENTY of links to enjoy mine!

    THANK YOU! :)

  • p.s. I haven’t chosen the winner yet, but am leaning toward Ms. Jess Gonacha who sent in her beautifully organized and brilliantly-secretive bookmarks— like 300 of them!

    Think you can beat that? Keep them coming… ;)

  • Eeeek! My hard drive blew a couple months ago and I swear I felt its pain–it was like when one twin breaks their leg during soccer practice and the other one, sitting at home, screams out in agony. Except it was way worse because I lost all my bookmarks too.

  • I wrote a post for ya here because I have a really long list for you and didn’t want something weird to happen with the HTML and lose it all! Hope you find most of your old ones and a whole bunch of new ones.

  • I can’t believe this guys— you are TOO SWEET!!!! THANK YOU SOOOOOO MUCH! :)

  • What sad news! I hope that my obsession with reading blogs can hep you out. My blog roll is much to long to share here in the comment space but if you check my blog I keep the side bar pretty updated with all the blogs I read. They supply me with about an average of 100 posts a day. ;) P.S. I love your blog and I am an avid reader, not just a skimmer! Cheers, and good luck!

  • Google reader is my favorite way to look at all my links/blogs. It’s pretty easy, the only problem is when there are no feeds of a site! I will be sending you my list shortly!

  • AWWW, THANK YOU!!!! :) This link love is mighty fun, yes? We should all be so kind to lose our bookmarks more often… ;)

  • forgive me if this was already mentioned…i read a bunch of the comments…but didn’t see it, but i have a coffee headache like you wouldn’t believe…
    do you use google reader or
    great ways to keep everything …and to be able to access it anywhere.
    i have a account for my blog where i bookmark everything i have ever written about.

    i no longer really keep bookmarks as i get way too OCD about them!

  • oh whoops.
    just saw the comment at the beginning!
    sorry, off to get coffee!

    but i hated it as well, but i find it mmuch easier than bookmarking!
    again, sorry for the redundancy!

  • My Love for You—

    No worries, my dear— go nurse that headache of yours!!! :(

  • i’m not the best bookmarker and do not have a chance to win any sort of contest, but i do feel your pain. i also hate new technology…much luck to you….sometimes it’s good to start with a fresh slate. sometimes…

  • I so feel your pain. This happened to us just a couple of weeks ago. So therefore, I have no bookmarks to share, just a note to commiserate. We were lucky enough to have a very nice guy at the Genius Bar clue us in to the fact that we could go buy a new harddrive at Best Buy for $100 and install it ourselves. Luckily we figured it all out and I’m happily typing away on our 3 year old PowerBook. If you want any tips for bringing your old laptop back to life as a back up, email me.

  • i’m getting scared! yours is the 3rd or 4th mac laptop failure story i’ve read about in the last month. i’m going to back up, back up, back up!

    i use, too. not sure if i’ve got anything new saved for you, but you can peek if you need a few more links:

  • Ahhh, I totally feel that, too, Octavine. A clean slate isn’t THAT bad, right?

    And thanks for the sympathy, ladies— YES! BACK UP! :)

  • if you use Fire Fox you should get the add-on Foxmarks. it loads all your bookmarks to the Fire Fox server so that you can access your bookmarks from multiple computers. that way if you have a computer explosion you can sync it with your new computer.

    i use it on my work and personal computer so i can collect bookmarks all day and really investigate them when i get home at night. (or sometime visa versa if i’m having a brain-dead day at work).

  • Thanks for the tip, Ryan— I’ve heard a few good things about FoxMarks, so I’m SOLD! :)

    Thanks, dear… :)

  • I use foxmarks too, but what has been even better for me is to just drag the address to my desktop and organize them there. I always have the window opened tall and skinny on my desktop and then i close up my browser window so I can easily drag to it at anytime. I can sort them by the date added or alphabetically too. I also drag pics and text clips. I am on a mac so I am not sure if this works for PC users.

    I have a jump drive or a flash drive that I carry around with me if i need them at work, but it may not always be up to date. I know this is ridiculous, but I don’t have the patience for foxmarks sometimes.

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