• ode to uniform studio.

    04.02.2008 / Miscellaneous

    Alternatively titled, “Why I Never Became a Poet.”

    Uniform, oh uniform.
    I love you like a unicorn.
    You love me like a unicorn?
    Yes, that’s an awful lot.

    But uniform, oh uniform.
    I’m missing your new uniform(s).
    When will you have a uniform…
    For me to buy the lot?

    Yes uniform, oh uniform.
    I love you more than you love corn.
    You love me more than I love corn?
    Is that an awful lot?

    Oh uniform, my uniform.
    Please make me my own uniform.
    I’d like to buy a uniform.
    From you an awful lot.

    • instantanĂ©s

      Her work is just BEAUTIFUL … Such criativity !!! I love !!!!

    • wonderful! i actually met martha last night — she has put together a small knitting group and invited me to join. what an honor! it was fun to meet her after admiring her work for so long.

    • Jessie Cacciola

      you’re adorable. And these are fantastic.
      – Jessie –

    • threesneakybugs

      Tickle my funny bone!

    • Erin Tyner

      Anybody who rhymes uniform with unicorn is a winner in my book!
      (Gorgeous clothes too!)

    • love erin’s comment above, and love this range, stunning!!

    • design for mankind.

      Isn’t Uniform fantastic??? :)

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