• ack!! I LOVE this photo. I’d seen it once a while back and didn’t FAV it. then I couldn’t get it out of m head and for the life of me, couldn’t find it again. then finally one day I did. and here it pops up again! :)

  • My Dad had a small poster in his office. The poster was meant to look like a Public Service Annoucement type thing and featured a somber looking man with one antler sticking out of his head. The caption read – “Hire the Handicapped”. I crack up still thinking about it.

  • I have all sorts of reactions to this (my very first thought was how awesome it would look if transferred to wood and installed as a head board!), but they are all good. Love it!

  • Oh my gracious, Jude— you are SO on to something! :) I love that idea!!!

  • I was extremely impressed with the overall results, HOWEVER, one needs to keep in mind that the results will ONLY be temporary without a change in lifestyle (i. ,

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