• rachel salomon.

    04.13.2008 / Miscellaneous

    After the most spectacular SoCal weather this weekend, I’ve got the SERIOUS Monday morning lazies, so I wanted to kick off the week with a bit of ravishing Rachel.

    This gal makes me weak in the knees, and if I could pick one artist to morph into a breakfast food that I can eat, it would be Rachel Salomon, and I’d build a restaurant called the Salomon Buffet and it would just be trays after trays of her art, but food.

    OMG I’m not making any sense this morning.

    I’m done. Here’s a link to her site and her bio, b/c she’s awesome.

    • OrenjiSlices

      That’s great art! I agree with you but I’m not too sure about eating paper unles it’s edible paint. :)

    • Julia

      This is an amazing artist! I love the print Until Then :) Makes me think of my Monday Morning Lazies :)

      That should be a patented phrase “Monday Morning Lazies” I’m suffering my case too!

    • Jessie Cacciola

      maybe it’s because I have a cold, but all of that made perfect sense to me. I think it would taste smooth and fruity…maybe like blueberry tea. =)
      – Jessie –

    • jozette

      made sense to me, too. when i really like something…i wanna eat it. shoes, art, babies…whatevs! And these prints are fantastic.

    • design for mankind.

      Oh yes— you ladies are my kind of gals! :)

      Dude. I’m so coining ‘Monday Morning Lazies.’

    • heidi

      LOVE her stuff. Makes me wanna re-read “Are You There God, it’s Me, Margaret”

    • design for mankind.


    • Diana

      Great work – I love the last one!

    • Carolina Eclectic

      Getting back on track on Mondays, is not easy. Love these paintings, especially “Until Then”. So peaceful.

    • Jude

      I understand (and relate) completely. Yep, I can totally see you starting a Monday Morning Lazies feature. We need this, don’t you think? Rachel’s work is really wonderful. Thanks for sharing.

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