• readers speak: price tag for inspiration?

    04.15.2008 / Miscellaneous

    The great thing about a blog rather than a website is the collaborative nature of the former. I so love reading comments and seeing readers connect with each other to form relationships that can be vital in the future. So, naturally, I’d like to open a ‘reader’s speak’ forum, where any and ALL are welcome to comment about the subject at hand. I’ll probably do this weekly, save that it doesn’t get totally out of control and it becomes the land of design bashing. Because that? That is NOT ok with me.

    Anyway, I’ve received a bit of flack lately for the content of Design for Mankind. I’ve added some features that I rather enjoy (i.e. ‘photo of the day’), but that aren’t typical of “design blogs.” In other words, I’m not paying homage to the type of design that can be purchased, and I’m not listing a ton of stores/shops/online merchandise.

    So my question for you is: does it matter? If you love a print, does it have to be hanging in your office to provide inspiration, or can you simply be inspired in the moment that it’s found?

    May’s eZine (to be released the last week of April) stems from this topic, where I’ve contacted dozens of artists/photographers/etc to reveal inspiration in the unexpected. I’m so excited to share some of these, b/c they’re very close to my heart. I’m a firm believer that Americans have a BIG problem with consumerism, so sometimes it pains me to hear that we can’t be inspired without a pricetag.

    Your thoughts? Can it be done? Can we teach ourselves to inspire others with our words, our actions, our photos? Our must we seek inspiration in the tangible?

    [Leaving to hang out with a few lovely LA ladies, but am looking forward to hearing your thoughts when I return!]
    • I am too lazy to read through what everyone else said so will just throw my two cents into the mix.

      Firstly, I cannot fathom how anyone can give you flack for what you post on your blog. You set the agenda here, you decide what you post and what you don’t. Whether it’s a photo of your aunt catherine’s dog dressed up as a clown, a beautiful dress you can buy or a photo that inspires you, the very value in and reason for having a blog is that it allows you to post without constraint. It’s your blog for goodness sake.

      There are so, so many blogs out there. I feel as though yours is truly one of the originals. Your interest in the essence of what makes us creative and inspires us is a breath of fresh air.

      Working in a creative field means that I have to find inspiration everywhere. Some of the best work I’ve done has been inspired by things that have happened to me and things I’ve seen, whether they be a photo on flickr or a man riding his bike along my street. Despite the fact that I work for a big, nasty advertising agency, I believe that creativity and inspiration can and should never have a price tag.

      Finally, keep doing exactly what you’re doing. Your e-zines and dailies are great, your posts are inspiring. I’ll keep coming back every day, even if you post a photo of your aunt catherine’s dog dressed up as a clown…

    • Anonymous

      Of course you can inspire by words, deeds and actions. It just takes a little more thinking for the observer to get it.

    • design for mankind.

      Wowza– I’m loving these comments! It’s so great to know that it IS possible (in today’s age) to break out of the consumerist box [or bag: paper or plastic?] and really find your true passions and inspirations.

      Kudos to you guys. You are wise beyond the ages.

    • my love for you.

      really excited to see where you take the blog…once again, you are so inspiring. love that you are tweaking it. way to go. high five!

    • lisa s

      well i’m late to this party, but i still want to chime in.

      i think it’s FANTASTIC that you are not always about the shopping – i think what inspires you is engaging and important to put out there.

      keep on keepin on!!

    • Fledgling

      Hello DFM!

      I guess I didn’t recognize this blog as an interior design blog. I mean, I suppose it wasn’t a secret, but that blurb at the top, “because beauty lies …” hooked me and kept me scrolling. Mea culpa.

      I’m looking for beauty. Wherever I can get it.

      The manufactured item–handwoven or injection molded–is, in a sense, the end of the line. That’s the culmination of the inspiration, the end. But what was that thing that made the person jump out of the shower with shampoo still in his hair to sketch it out? I, personally, like to see enough stuff that will bring me to the shampoo-still-in-the-hair moment.

      I see a bit too much regurgitation in design. Regurgitation makes things easier to swallow, but it’s not fresh. So I like seeing the raw, yet unappreciated, immature, unwashed thing still growing.

      I like what you do. I’m inspired. But I’m not an interior designer. Is that okay with you?

      All the best, -N.

    • design for mankind.

      N— wow. I am totally blown away. What a beautiful and well-thought comment. I’m floored.

      I love your writing and I wholeheartedly agree with your thoughts.

      Do come back— of course it’s ok with me. :)

    • pve design

      A price tag cannot be put on inspiration. One of my favorite parts of being a designer/ artist is that of inspiring others. The collaboration is key.
      I love your point of view and that you keep is real!

    • frida

      I just found your site and I’m in love. Don’t go changin’!

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