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    04.21.2008 / Miscellaneous

    OK deep breath. It’s time for another readers speak, the last of which you had a LOT to say! I’m loving the collaboration here and am hoping you can help me with another topic I’m a bit nervous about discussing.

    Design for Mankind has been growing rapidly since August of last year, and holy speed bumps, I have no idea what to do about it. I didn’t realize that my passion for inspiring others would soon become a forum for others to do the same, and I am just so BLESSED to have you all along for the ride. THANK YOU, if I don’t say it nearly enough.

    So, the ultimate topic of a site re-design has been raised by a few gentlemen, and I’d love to open this idea to you readers, because really, I’d be talking to myself without you. [Again THANK YOU. It’s not pretty when I talk to myself. Really.] And before I go on, I will address the subject of ad revenue, b/c this is an ongoing battle between many bloggers that I just really want to get out in the open:

    YES. I will accept advertisers.
    NO. Advertisers will not affect the content.

    With that said, you should all know [hold on to your seat, Dad!] that I resigned from my day job last Friday. It’s simply too much, and life is too short to burn the candle at both ends. And I would be totally hypocritical if I encouraged each of you to break free from your boundaries and I didn’t do the same. Roadmaps has been the dose of medicine that I needed to feed myself, and that has become quite evident in the past month.

    So. To get “technical” on you, I’ve been dabbling into site designs to support ads for a few weeks and am torn. I need you guys to make the call. After all, this is YOUR site, not mine [THANK YOU again. If it was my site, holy crap, it would get messy.] Here’s what I want to know:

    What is your design preference for the future of Design for Mankind?
    (a). Magazine-style template, such as this, this or this? OR
    (b). Simple layout, such as this, this or this?

    Obviously, there are pros/cons to each, but my fear is that by offering more content as in the mag-style, the site will become impersonal and/or stale.
    BUT, a simply layout is equally stunting, simply because content would be constrained.

    Help? [THANK YOU, again. Truly.]Note: I’ll be keeping this post up until tomorrow morning, so give me whatcha got!

    • artsharyne

      Hi most gorgeous & talented woman. I’ve been meaning to reply to your comments re feminist issues – sorry for being so slack! I understand your position & was not offended at all. The wonderful thing about your Design For Mankind is the personal nature of both your content & the responses/comments given. Every opinion is valid. This is why I put my vote for the simple rather than mag format too. What I love about reading your stuff is that it’s like sitting down with a group of girlfriends chatting. The amazing thing is that we are all participating in an intimate convo despite living at different corners of the globe. How absolutely fabulous is that??? Flicking through a mag is never as intimate or might I add, as relevent. What ever you do – just go for it girrrl!!! We support you.
      Cheers from Australia :)

    • design for mankind.


    • sulu-design

      CONGRATULATIONS!!! I’m so happy to hear that you’ve resigned and are following your desires. I made a similar move a little less than a year ago and it’s the best thing I ever did for myself. Best of luck to you. I’ll be following along regardless of your layout, advertising, etc. Yay!

    • Megan

      Congrats on the resignation! I remember the feeling when I resigned in March 06. Very liberating! I’m not a fan of the magazine layouts…they seem so “techie” and impersonal. I love how you have it. It’s simple, easy to read, and calming. I’m sure you could edit your current layout to have more little details here and there with custom borders and design elements (perhaps in the aqua from your header?) but it doesn’t necessarily need it.

    • Jessie


      SO proud, SO happy, SO inspired, SO excited for you!

      Can’t wait to see the new designs for the site (no matter how it looks), and I’ll always be one of your biggest fans.

      Thanks for being so encouraging and helpful throughout my creative endeavors, as well.

      As I say, you are a GEM! We (your readers) love you no matter what!

      – Jessie

    • JLC Studio

      Wow!!! Congrats on leaving your job…I had no idea you did all this and had a job as well…you are superhuman!

      I really think that your site as it is is terrific…maybe if you added a third column for more content? Otherwise, simpler is better! It’s all about your fabulous writing and sense of humor anyway!!! Can’t wait to see what you come up with-I’ll read it no matter what it looks like (unless it’s in another language of course!!)!

      BTW—Let me know how much your ads will go for because I’m ready to jump on board!!!

      http://www.jlcstudio.blogspot.com :)

    • [email protected]

      I’d love to find out about your advertising – I’d love to get an ad on Design For Mankind! Congrats on taking a risk.

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