this week in inspiration: 3.14 to 3.18.

10. The Lazy Soosan gals are at it again; this time with Issue B of their alphabet series. Get yours right here.
9. Mati Rose McDonough and Kelly Rae Roberts are going Italian with their upcoming artist retreat! Sign up now to reserve your spot in Tuscany; this is a DON’T MISS.
8. My good friend Esti is compiling a phenomenal hand project as I type this— visit her blog for details on how you can contribute, and look for yours truly’s hands in the next few weeks!
7. ‘In the Dark, Do I Exist?’ has finally been released from dear Olivia Jeffries. A truly fantastic collection.
6. Poketo is going Glasgow! A fun collaboration with the Glasgow International Art Festival, where Poketo will be releasing a limited edition of Glasgow-based artist series wallets. Roadtrip to Scotland, anyone?
5. Wallpaper is giving Design for Mankind readers a sneak-peek into the world’s most important furniture fair [read: Salone del Mobile] right here. The page will be continuously updated, so check back! [Thank you, Kay!]4. Artist team Leonardogillesfleur defies gravity, hogs sidewalk. Via Vulture.
3. Bibbi Forsman will be showcasing her fabulous exhibition tonight at Lerverk. Best of luck, dear Bibbi!
2. FREE illustration downloads from the folks at You Work for Them. [Thanks, Jan!]1. Down to business with Jen Nedbalsky— a fantastic interview.

  • hooray! I’m jumping up and down with fun links. Thanks, have a lovely weekend!!

  • great round up!

    Bibbi’s show looks to be fantastic! her work is so beautiful. it’s in a class of it’s own.

  • I adore Poketo. They sent me a Deer in the City tee because I post about them incessantly!!I love your round-up Erin! Have a lovely weekend.

  • I love roadtrips!!!! I’ve never been to Scotland, let’s go. Thanks for this list, it will keep me busy this weekend:)

  • love love love it.

    basically i love everything you do.

    keep up the good work.

    you paint my mind with your inspirations everyday.

    I am so glad I found your site.

    please. keep doing what you do.

  • thank you! lazy soosan is so exciting! thank you again
    have a good weekend!!!

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