manos project.

Esti drew my hands today and it was only the second time that a print has moved me to tears. [The first was this one]. The thought and time that goes into Esti’s Manos Project (which you can learn more about right here) is just so inspiring to me.

It’s amazing to me that although I’ve never met Esti, she so accurately portrayed the very nature of my passions and dreams through just one photograph of my hands. It’s truly one of the most remarkable art forms I’ve come across.

A big thank you to Esti for blessing me with her talent today.

  • ooh, yes, there are GORGEOUS. what a cool idea. thank you, too, for introducing me to her blog– it is beautiful beautiful BEAUTIFUL, and i can see why that drawing made you cry. her work feels so personal and heartfelt. love it!

  • Incredible – I’ve been spending quite a lot of time over there. I found her on a Henna/hand related clicketty trip. Just wonderful.

  • OMG, those hands brought tears to my eyes too. And I don’t even know you. There is something just so honest about hands, and for someone to capture your essence like that is so cool. I wish I knew her!

  • I truly appreciatte each of these nice comments. Thank you all. I’m blushing.
    And thank you Erin for your sweetness. I’m glad you like them. Your blog is like a light breeze bringing me beauty daily.


  • those are so cool! they remind me of a plant in a garden. the left one represents the roots and the right one is the plant above the surface. together, they’re complete and beautiful, just like erin. hope that makes sense?

  • Esti— it’s true. You are quite a talent.

    And Cindy— thank you. What a thoughtful and sweet interpretation! :)

  • Her work is both beautiful and intriguing… such an inspiring, to say the very lest, project. Lucky you!

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