my apologies. seriously.

Oh gracious. I am a loser. It just occurred to me that a spam folder is meant to be checked ohhhh, every so often. And said spam filter has not been checked by said blogger in ohhhhh, never.

So, to the masses who sent me an email and I never responded, I am SO, SO, SO sorry. I actually do respond to emails. Quite often, actually. So much that I’ve been doing it since 6pm this evening and it’s now four hours later. Not a hard math problem, if you know what I mean.

Turns out I need this pad from Knock Knock in a manic way.

If you or someone you know has NOT received an email from me, do me a favor and re-send it to [email protected]. I PROMISE I will check my Spam folder from now on. Truly. I’m raising my right hand.


  • no worries erin! i think you’re really attentive to your readers. i don’t find that many bloggers who respond to just about every comment.

  • haha, I have done the same thing. My husband actually informed me that I am supposed to be checking it regularly and I had like over 50 messages in there. Oops!

  • i hate sifting the spam folder…it can be a little traumatic trying to weed stuff out of there!

  • I’m so bad. I never check that folder. Going there RIGHT NOW!

    that note pad is perfect!

  • Oh dear, you have no idea how often that happened to me… Spam filters are really not much good…

  • Awww, thank you for understanding, guys!!! I promise I’ll never ignore you unintentionally again! :)

  • oh that’s happened to me so many times, especially in my yahoo emails, which is why i switched to my mac account. i feel so bad when i don’t get to respond soon.

    BUT you’re such a sweetie i think people would know it’s not intentional on your part :)

  • I just checked it and missed about 5 important emails. I normally just hit “erase all” about once a month! I wonder what else I missed.

  • oh! how funny…this just happened to me, too & i posted about it this morning!

  • Lol! You’re too funny…but thanks for taking the time to respond to my email! You’re too awesome at keeping up with things as it is!!

  • I think maybe a message I sent you once ended up missing, but nothing to worry about- i’m sure i’ve deleted messages before that I shouldn’t have.

  • ack! this ALWAYS happens to me too! There have been advertising requests, submissions, thank yous, nice things I’d like to see in my inbox that I’ve discovered deeply buried in my spam folder months later :( It makes me sad, yet still I just can not remember to check it very often! Why why why? I suppose it’s just daunting thinking about slogging though all that crapola that builds up, but sometimes you do find a gen-u-wine email hiding in there. I always hope people realize that the spam monster is a possibility and don’t think I’m ignoring them on purpose! :( Off to go slogging now…

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