• style pick of the day: criss cross matroyshka earrings.

    05.20.2008 / Miscellaneous

    “criss cross’ll make you wanna jump! jump!”

    £10 from bonbi forest.

    • mado&co

      Oooooh…so lovely!!

    • franki durbin

      OMG. Adorable! Hey, I miss you too! Thanks for today’s comment on Venti. It’s good to be ‘back’ online ;)

    • Krissy

      hahaha! Love that caption. yeeeah

    • design for mankind.

      Ha, wasn’t that a great song? :)

      Welcome back, franki! :)

    • jess gonacha

      cute cute cute!

    • karina


    • Tizzalicious


    • pcsolotto

      Ive read this topic for some blogs. But I think this is more informative.

    • lovely matryoshkas ^^

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