• thank you, apartment therapy!

    05.30.2008 / Miscellaneous

    Gracious, is it press week or what? I’ve had loads of people to thank lately, and today my dear Laure from Apartment Therapy is one of them! I e-met Laure a few months ago when she was kind enough to let me feature her Daily, and now the tables have turned and I’m in the hot seat!

    Not only did I open the doors to my home for an AT tour, but I dished to Laure on my messy garage, my upcoming move and the Jetsons.
    To read the interview, click here.
    OR, if you’d like to catch the slideshow of my home, click here.

    • Decor Fellow: James Saavedra

      Midwest?! Say it Ain’t So…

    • design for mankind.

      Yes, it’s so. :( But I’m going to convert an old schoolhouse or barn and it will be fabulous!!!

      AND. Don’t worry, Jess— I’ll wait for you! :)

    • Thereza Rowe

      Fab, Fab, Fab!!!!! i love your style Erin!
      Congrats! :))

    • absolutelyawesomethings

      Woow,Great blog! fantastic job you are doing!By the way thanks for visiting my blog.Ciao for now

    • quaint handmade

      all erin all the time is all right! i love your style and what you did with the tv is BRILLIANT! loved seeing your nest.

    • karina

      Congrats, sweet Erin!!!!

    • vol25

      wow, congrats! That is super exciting. :)

    • Melissa Lewis - Off The Wall

      Great interview girl and awesome home! Thanks for the inside look and the fabulous pictures. You’ve got style:)

    • Samantha

      What!!! Moving? When? Please say after August. We neeeeed to meet up when Dave and I come west.

      Great interview.. Stunning home.

    • Marilyn

      Are you kidding? You deserve all the press you get! :)

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