• thank you, james!

    05.23.2008 / Miscellaneous

    So. I must interrupt the regular-scheduled programming to MASSIVELY thank dear James Saavedra for the sweetest, most well-planned interview I’ve come across. You may know James from TLC’s ‘Clean Sweep’, but I know James through his fabulous blog, Decor Fellow. And I just e-love him to pieces.

    Anyway, feel free to head on over to Decor Fellow where James has kicked off his Style Maker series with… ME! I simply can’t believe I’ve been grouped together with style icons such as Kenneth Brown, Kelly Wearstler and so many more. Gracious. I’m floored. Anyway, my interview can be found right here [in which I discuss how much I love my readers, Sharpies and sheets!] and do tune in next month for Part II of the series with Kenneth Brown himself!

    James— I can’t thank you enough! You are tremendously dear!!!!

    • Lucy

      Hey Erin! That interview is so great… :) Also thanks for bringing James’ blog to my attention. I e-heart both of you.

      ALSO… I was wondering if you could give me some advice about posting on the 2modern Design Talk blog? I have just started contributing(!!), which is very exciting… but I am finding the typepad posting page really tricky… do you have any advice about formatting your posts for 2modern? I had trouble ensuring my images weren’t too large, and the ‘preview’ function didn’t seem to give me an actual indication of the format of the 2modern blog (which is quite narrow). I had to edit and re-publish the post about 4 times to get it right! Any advice you could offer would be very appreciated :) Thanks so much!

    • karina

      Great interview!

    • design for mankind.

      Sure thing, Luce— it can be very tricky! :)

      Do me a favor and email me (I don’t think I’ve got your email addy) and I’ll send you my tips! :)

    • Kelly C.

      AWESOME. just awesome! you are on fire, woman!

    • karen c

      thats so awesome Erin! you deserve to be there!! xoxo

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