• mankind mag: issue one.

    06.30.2008 / Miscellaneous

    I am ABSOLUTELY thrilled to release the debut of Mankind Mag and am having the hardest time preventing an overuse of exclamation marks and caps lock. But just so you know, on my side of the screen? I’m jumping up and down with excitement.

    Mankind Mag is here. For those of you that missed the prior announcements, Mankind Mag is a new monthly PDF publication from DesignForMankind.com that will now be available as a print edition. Just to break it down for you:

    Online = FREE. Preview it here, and download it here.
    Print = $8.95. Purchase it here.

    Now go, enjoy and be inspired. I leave you with the main sponsors for Mankind Mag, to which I am forever indebted to for their generosity and support. A BIG thank you to the following individuals [among our other sponsors which you can find in the inside cover of the mag!]:

    AllyZabba, Edi’s Files, and Lynda Andrews-Barry: THANK YOU!

    Lastly, a MASSIVE thanks to you, readers. I know I say this all the time, but can it really be said enough? I am SO inspired by you.

    Taking the day off [and possibly tomorrow to catch up on sleep!], but I’ll check in from time to time to see how you’re enjoying the debut. Love to you all!

    • Grace

      Erin, this is such an incredible magazine! I love your creativity in completly thinking outside of the box in your presentation and article ideas, and I am sure other magazine publishers will take note. Thanks so much for your wonderful contribution! (And enjoy your much deserved rest) :)

    • meighan

      looks so great erin!!!
      just downloaded it!

    • Congrats Erin!!!

    • Chelsea

      You are amazing. you are going to be a hit.I love it. Love the format. It is just quirky and artsy enough but still fun and accessible. I am buying the real thing.

    • troll formerly known as yooper

      Erin, so far I have just browsed it, but I know why you are jumping up and down. It is deliciotastic (I just made that us) :-)

    • Kelly

      yea, you! you did it! i can’t wait to dive in and devour it all.


    • Thereza Rowe

      F A B, F A B, F A B!!!!! love all of it, especially my interview bit of course! congrats and have a nice rest now. thank you, thank you :)

    • Barb McMahon

      Erin, this is wonderful!


    • AllyZabba

      Love it! Love it! You totally rock!

    • heidi

      Erin, you out-did yourself!!!
      It’s DELIGHTFUL!!!!!!!

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