• print of the day [part deux]: the big city.

    06.10.2008 / Miscellaneous

    “big city bird.”

    from the portfolio of cornelia odonovan.

    • OrenjiSlices

      OOOHHHHH! I like this print! :)

    • jozette

      oh i love love love this!

    • Love it! I actually feel this way around blue birds sometimes:)

    • Jude

      Looks like they’re having a very substantive philosophical discussion!

    • Kelly C.

      i love it. we got into it with a crow the other day… i mean, my mister was outside in his boxer shorts telling a crow to leave us alone at 4 am.

    • Melissa Lewis - Off The Wall

      You gotta wonder what kind of experience this artist has had with birds.

    • Hila

      Is it just me, or does the bird look annoyed? OK, maybe it’s just me!

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