• 3d maps.

    07.07.2008 / Miscellaneous

    Cindy just sent me an email with these oh-so-awesome 3d maps from Chris Kenny, and I instantly broke out in inspiration hives. Ok, goosebumps, but you know what? Same thing. ;)

    • Stephanie

      It’s like a whole little world.

      Maps are such alluring things.

    • A Print A Day

      oh, that’s so darn awesome. i <3 maps of all kinds.

      i’ve been into maps recently, especially google maps. though i freaked out when i saw a street view photo of the front of my house. and very close too. um, where’s my privacy again?

      lols i ranted on your blog. sorry :P

    • Hila

      I concur, I want it too! I wish I could make things like this. The best I can come up with is run-of-the-mill collages. But they’re still fun.

    • Lobster and swan

      stunning, thanks for the link ; )

    • this chicken

      Oh wow! This is fantastic! what a lovely, lovely idea :)

    • JHAYNE

      yeah, WOW!

    • quaint handmade

      i’m always amazed by people who can think in 3-d and then translate it into something tangible. i love the comments about walking through it. so cool.

    • Prêt à Voyager

      Seriously impressive!


    • Leah

      very cool map.

      “inspiration hives!” love that!!

    • diana

      Love that ball-o-fun. Looks like someone had a snippety good time. Caught my eye, love it! Anytime someone has an inspirational moment on paper makes my day.

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