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    07.31.2008 / Miscellaneous

    One of my favorite blogs is Emmanuel Polanco’s, strictly for his straight-up AWESOME art skills. And yes, I just said straight-up. Feeling a little bit sleep-deprived this morning.

    Anyway, I can’t translate what he’s saying, but it’s a good thing art is a universal language, eh?

    Click here to visit Emmanuel’s blog, and be sure to check out his site work, too!

    • the art looks so amazing in this new format! please go and get some rest, we don’t want you to start singing “straight up” by paula abdul ;).

    • Really interesting illustrations! Kind of surrealist in nature, right?
      P.S. Love the font on your blog!

    • Love this new design!!

    • i love this!!!! will check out the blog now :)

    • So, so nice! It does make you appreciate how images need no translation (well, at least some; I do still scratch my head every now and then!). ☺

    • Ha, so true, Jude! :)

    • this is fantastic! and erin, again, the site looks SO GOOD. congrats again, you inspirer you!!!

    • Wow his works are amazing! Visually…they’re so strong. They attract you immediately.
      Thank you for sharing him with us..:)

    • Aww, thank you Jess [again!].

      And Tal— you’re right… they are quite strong! :)

    • super work! love this!

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