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    07.23.2008 / Miscellaneous

    “juicy fruit.”

    from the flickrstream of sitting on the euro.

    • heidi

      life is great, when it’s simple, no?

    • franki durbin

      I like this one. So fresh and so clean…

    • design for mankind.

      Heidi— AMEN! I so agree. :)

      And nope— these were all scheduled posts, I promise. :)

      Jess— It totally looks like the Dazed and Confused guy! :)

    • Gwendolyne

      I just wanted to return hello back to you. It was nice of you to leave a comment on our blog back in the Spring. We enjoy sharing our creative lives with the world. It is nice to know that someone outside of Toronto read our story. We rarely get comments on our blog. It is nice to see people leave comments on yours. Hope your summer is full. We are definitely loving spending this summer in the city!

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