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    07.23.2008 / Miscellaneous

    “juicy fruit.”

    from the flickrstream of sitting on the euro.

    • stephanie levy

      very refreshing!

    • Barbara

      great photo… but I love the caption you gave it!

    • karina

      Nice photo!
      An apple a day…

    • Mrs.French

      love it, love it, love it! makes me smile!

    • jess gonacha

      That looks like the kid from “Dazed and Confused” to me. Am I crazy?? HOpe you’re having fun in Baja!!

    • nicole

      beautiful color! thanks for sharing, friend. x

    • AlicePleasance

      White, black, red…my favorite color combo :-)

    • danica


    • quaint handmade

      maybe erin has sent us picture from her honeymoon ;)?

    • Love the caption! Hope these were all scheduled posts and that you are not blogging right now!

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