• photo of the day: we love fleisch.

    07.02.2008 / Miscellaneous

    “and apparently, flesh. in the form of bologna, that is.”

    from the portfolio of kaos and paradise.

    • aimee

      ew, but love the lettering.

    • design for mankind.

      HA, me too!!!

    • Anonymous

      fleisch is the german word for meat fyi.

    • diana

      That is so disgusting, it’s good. My mum never bought us this faux meat which is called devon here(or LBS – lips, bums and sawdust). Anytime I stayed at my friends on a school night I put in my LBS lunch request with friend’s mother. My mother would have been horrified. I like the Rob Ryan aesthetic to it as well. I wonder if Rob has explored this medium.

    • design for mankind.

      Ooooh thanks for the tip, anonymous! :)

      And you’re right, Diana— is it a bit Rob Ryan-esque!


      very witty.
      i love it.
      is bologna real meat!


    • FruensWerk

      Hahaha…this is so funny…great idea…

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