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    08.29.2008 / Miscellaneous

    Justin sent me an email with his work this afternoon and MY GOODNESS, I just have to kick off the 3-day weekend with his vision.

    I like to think these are little aliens laughing in their own secret code at how badly we’ve messed up our planet.

    Or… planets?

    Link: MiLKbbi~: DEPENDENCE~.
    p.s. That’s it for today, and I’ll be spending Labor Day laboring over Mankind Mag, which will be released Wednesday, Sept 3rd! Be ready… ;)

    • love those little gigglers. have a lovely weekend, don’t work too hard!

    • Ha, Ill try my hardest! ;)

    • These little cuties are awesome! Have a great long weekend, Erin :)

    • Sheesh!

      I love your blog…I’m a little nervous about discovering it since I can picture myself spending many hours playing with all the amazing links. What a great, creative selection.

      I was wondering if I could add your link to my blog, The Storialist? I write poems about the fashion blog by an eerily similar name :).

      Wander over for a peek if you’re curious.

      I’ll keep reading this for sure!

    • Erin, I love these…and such a perfect description!!

    • oooh, looking forward to the next mankind mag :)

    • Yay! It’s going to be a goodie. :)

    • i wish i could lose myself in a dreamy little world like this right now…

    • it’s super! it got me giggling :)

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