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    08.05.2008 / Miscellaneous

    I so badly wanted to include this in the latest issue of Mankind Mag, but couldn’t reach dear Nagi in time. Instead, I’m posting Nagi’s superfun hair creations right here for you to enjoy.

    Link: Nagi Noda Bizarre Animal Hair Hats.

    • Well, you would certainly make a statement if you showed up at a party with that hairdo!

    • Oh, man, the things people think up! Well executed, but just a little disturbing…

    • The new issue of your mag looks great even without this included! Fantastic work!

    • Oh I just love it! :)

      Thank you Erin!

    • Wowza! I could never pull it off, but hats off to those who can!

    • holy crap that’s kind of scary! is that a wig? btw, i love the hair theme of the second issue!

    • holy moly i want one. can i wear this in my wedding??? cuz that would be just awesome. ;)

    • ha! Love it :)

    • i want one in hello kitty form please.

    • This is amazing! I’m totally wowed!!!

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