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    08.25.2008 / Miscellaneous

    I like to sometimes pretend I’m the subject in a specific piece of art. What am I thinking, feeling?

    Am I cutting up an ex-lover’s letters or my bank statements? Or am I simply in the beginning stage of a papier mache project?

    I assume only dear Penelope can answer that…

    Link: Penelope Illustration • Penelope Dullaghan » Fine Art.

    • Love your thoughts on this piece – please do this more often!

    • Very reflective! Plus I like how her feet reflect, too. ☺

    • Ooh, I’ll do my best, Diana! Not everything is so profound, I promise. ;)

    • You are a homicide detective looking at the vital clues to the most frustrating case you’ve had in years, that your jealous colleague, who also happens to be your secret lover, has chopped up. Or did they? How are you going to explain this to the Chief? He wants answers, and the public wants the sadistic killer caught too.

    • Wow. My first impression was that she had cut up her own reflection, and that’s why only her ankles and feet are left.

    • oh, i never thought of doing that! well, i’ll have much more fun looking at artwork from now on :)

    • this is fantastic. i love it.

    • HA! MEGAN! I LOVE IT! :)

      And Jan— you are on to something, my dear. ;)

    • This is absolutely beautiful.

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