ode to packing.

09.11.2008 / Miscellaneous

Alternatively titled: I love you, but I hate you.

Packing, oh packing.
You’re so nerve-wracking.
I find that I’m lacking…
In the boxes department.

But packing, oh packing.
I quite love your tracking.
For it means I’ll be shacking…
In a Hoosier apartment.
[Or house, but that didn’t rhyme].

In case you don’t already know this [where have you BEEN?!], the official cross-country move date is next Wednesday, the 17th. I’m a busy bee packing up our L.A. life and doing all of those lovely moving things one does, like listening to the elevator music while holding for your gas company, color-coding cardboard boxes and dancing to movie soundtracks.

Obviously, I’m a bit loopy from the Sharpie fumes, so posting will end. See you tomorrow!

  • ew packing!

    indiana huh. you should move this weekend and stop by the massive Renegade craft fair going on! :)

  • i love the loopy feeling from sharpie markers – have a sniff for me ;). pace yourself as though you’re in a marathon – it will be over soon enough.

  • well, if you blow through kansas on your way, we’re right on I-70. stop by & i’ll take you out for a good midwestern brew :)

  • Less than a week away!! Cindy’s right, it will be over soon enough. Have a good night. ♥

  • No sharpies here, Just rubbermaid like containtors and two suitcases.. I’m flying across Canada the day before you start your journey :)

  • best of luck with the move dearie!:)

  • Those Sharpie fumes will get you every time! The best way to pack? Great music, lots of friends and a buzz-worthy drink or two. =) Good luck!

  • Good luck with your packing! I’ve moved cross country so many times and it’s exhausting and exhilarating. I freakishly enjoy all that sifting and sorting… and Sharpieing :)

  • Where are you moving to? We are looking to do a cross country move in the near future. I’m nervous!

  • oh, i totally understand, im moving on tuesday… away from LA and to Austin. good luck on your moving-roadtrip and take lots of pictures for us

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