• How fun! The Polaroid thing is every where. I remember how much fun it was as a little kid to watch the picture develop.

  • I posted about this on my blog as well. It’s a fabulous project. I have a fairly lengthy bucket list and one item of it is:

    – Break a bone (not on purpose of course)

  • Ooh, what a great project and post Erin!

    Hmm…it is hard to choose just one out of a google. I think that before I die, I would like to have no attachment to material things.

  • How interesting – I noticed that a lot of people want to travel. That’d be on the top of my list too.

    “Before I die I want to spend a year traveling the globe.”

    And if I could have two:

    “Before I die I want to become fluent in another language.”

    Great find! :)

  • its so great to see you all so enthusiastic about our project. really encouraging. i wanted to write and let you all know that we are putting up a submit page on the website very soon, and you can submit these answers to our project for real!
    hope to see all of your submissions!
    ks and nicole

  • Oops, I was sidetracked with the mag and didn’t get to read all of your comments until today. I LOVE your aspirations!

    Me? I sort of like Grace’s response— no attachment to material things.

    But I’d have to say I’d love to change a life before I die. Maybe even two. ;)

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