• deanne_cheuk

  • the mushroom girls virus book.

    09.16.2008 / Miscellaneous

    A guide to the identification and study of our commoner fungi with special emphasis on the edible varieties.

    Link: Deanne Cheuk.

    • Oooh! I know Yas will love this one (and I do, too). Have you seen the mushroom art and stories she contributed over on Unattended!?

    • I love this style. I’ve seen variations of this a lot lately, with the combination of line drawing and ink/watercolors together. This one is awesome! Thanks for sharing!

    • ooooooh. fabulous. i NEED this.

    • I love this.

    • james

      Alot of the work in that book was done over 5 years ago and people are still copying it!

    • yes!!! the cover is really incredible. thanks for the comment:))

    • Oh my, James— I had no idea! I assume that’s sincere flattery. ;)

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