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    10.07.2008 / Miscellaneous

    I so, so badly need to gift this to Poor Husband.

    Link: HOW TIE.

    • AAAH!! I love it! I once gave a presentation in a speech class about how to tie a tie. This is fabulous.

    • That’s a great speech idea!!! :)

    • LOVE this!! I’m thinking of getting for MYSELF. :-)

    • This is fabulous! I love it sooo much!!

    • haha! i thought about getting that for my boyfriend. how interesting i can tie one and he absolutely cannot!

    • my hubby desperately needs one too!!

    • Aww, Kati— that is super cute! :)

    • We really need this too; we always have to google how to tie a tie :)

    • good idea! my other half would love one too :)

    • Love this! My hubby only wears a tie to weddings and I always have to tie it for him. I am an expert from my waitressing years! ;)

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