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    10.14.2008 / Miscellaneous

    I used to be in mad love with Matt Wertz and still listen to his tunes every now and then, so I loved perusing through Jeremy’s portfolio to find this lovely Matt Wertz photo.

    Ahhh, if there were a soundtrack of my life.

    Link: Jeremy Cowart Photography.

    • A wonderful photo….I don’t know him, I will have to have a listen.

    • i’d buy the soundtrack of your life. I imagine it’s interesting. I need to make up a soundtrack of my life. It would be all over the block but entertaining.

    • Great photo – it’s always nice to find a singer or album that jives with your life.

    • beautiful pic… off to listen…

    • hey! how funny! i know matt wertz–we went to school together and i took the photos for somedays. he is a great guy, and yes, his music is infectious. neato!

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