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    10.09.2008 / Miscellaneous

    This has been my mantra for sometime now. Unfortunately, it doesn’t translate to ice cream.

    Link: Olly Moss.

    • Word.

      (on both mantra and ice cream)

    • Re Mantra: agree.
      Re Translation: Nor to hot chocolate in my case, an other maltranslations around?
      Thanks for the great “feet”-mag!

    • Haha, I’m the same way! When it comes to food, my eyes are bigger than my stomach! And I just went through your Feet Issue, and I LOVED it. You constantly amaze me with amazing art and truly creative issues!!! As always, I can’t wait till the next one!

    • haha, I agree!

    • Ice cream falls under the “exceptional substances” clauses of the rule, along with books and cashmere and trips to Paris.

      (PS – I’m adding my voice to the resounding chorus – great job with this issue. Every month I’m blown away. So inspiring!)

    • I keep reminding myself of this but my vice is the Op Shop.

    • You are right. When it comes to ice cream, I always prefer more:)

    • Oh than you so so much, Steph! :)

    • Hahaha…no; it does not translate to ice cream. Even when it’s the half fat Haagen Dazs stuff. ‘Cause then you give yourself carte blanche to eat the whole pint. Alone. ;-)

    • OH! i adore Olly’s work. On bad days I just goes through his flickr site (he and his friends are so beautiful!! and his use of light.. *faint*)

      haha. :)

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