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    10.03.2008 / Miscellaneous

    Oh, lovely Sarah. I could go on for days about your talent! And while we’re chatting, could you possibly have a FUNNER last name?

    Related link: Wouldn’t this sweatshirt go famously with such a lovely wallet?

    • Oh…LOVE her, love this wallet, love owls….LOVE! That hoodie is great too, the bag you posted on down below and….the poster and well, all of it!

    • it’s utterly delightful. i’m sorry. you started it. love her owl wallet.

    • scrumptious :)

    • owls and lanterns,looks like a party!

      Erin, I’ve got so much to catch up on, I’ve been a bad visitor, but it kind of makes for a big treat, lots of goodness all at once!

    • Ha, never a bad visitor, my dear! :)

    • This is adorable! How are you, Erin? I’ve been so busy with work/traveling, that I haven’t been reading my blogs in a week or so. How did the move go? Are you settling in? I’m going to catch up on some old posts now… :)

    • Too cute and she does have a brilliant name!

    • Lately I find bold colours and paintings SO beautiful. I was looking for colourful pieces like this. So lovely!

    • awesome!!!

    • I really am digging owls right now. Sarah Utter. Thanks for the heads up.

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