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    10.14.2008 / Miscellaneous

    Oh, if only all music videos were stop-motion and icing.

    Link: Sideways

    • That made my morning. What a cute video and song. I’m hoping that everyone on set devoured the cakes.

    • i love this video.

    • If only life was all stop motion and icing! ;)

    • This is fantastic. It put me in a great mood….and also ready for a slice of cake.

    • what a great idea!

    • I love this…It’s adorable :)

    • Oh my goodness, this must’ve taken DAYS to make! How wonderful! I wonder what they did with all the cakes. :)

    • I’d like to think they ate them all in one fell swoop… ;)

    • OH MY GOSH!
      that is the best music video EVER!!
      i am finding it in youtube and downloading to my ipod now.
      and putting it on my blog to share the goodness.

      =) it made my day.

    • Isn’t it fantastic?! And what a good tune! :)

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