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  • this week in inspiration.

    10.31.2008 / Miscellaneous

    10. Imm is IN!
    9. Reform School is moving— 15% off! Eek!
    8. Am Stram Gram = three words I’d want to hear.
    7. Chad Curtis at Greenwich House? YES!
    6. Katie Costello makes some serious tunes.
    5. Loft Life is back in action!
    4. Michelle paints all fifty states.
    3. Too sweet for yours. ;)
    2. Selina Rose has risen.
    1. Jules is a brandbird.

    • Love the painting of the 50 states, paint on wood is so great. (my husband is a woodworker)

    • You are a darling, Erin. Thanks so much and have a gorgeous weekend!

    • Renae

      Ooooh, I love KATIE COSTELLO. Cant’ wait for her album to come out!

    • grrrreat links! inspirational as always :)
      have a great weekend dear!

    • great links! i need to have those black & white cups from am stram gram! happy halloween! :)

    • katie costello is my newest earworm! her music and lyrics just tickle my ear. she sounds so mature though, i can’t believe she’s only 17! must be something in the water these days.

    • Great Links, as usuall Erin, thanks, a lot of inspiration for this weekend

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