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  • christina richards.

    11.17.2008 / Miscellaneous

    Great, great photography from Christina Richards. Oooh, to have this print on my walls.

    Link: Christina Richards

    • i love everything so far… keep em coming! xoh

    • oh -thank you so much for this link!
      The perfect inspiration today as we’re starting a still:body week at the s t i l l flickr group.
      Amazing photography.

    • oh how wonderful!!! :)

    • oooooh~ahhhhhh. simply beautiful!!

    • la la LOVE it.

    • So lovely…what is it about balloons that make them so darn pretty?

    • Eee balloons! Love! Such beautiful photography, I adore the crinkled paper plane too! Oooh and the kite. And the bubbles!

    • yes, it’s lovely. i like the portfolio you chose, too. soft and gentle.

    • Love this photo! Thanks for sharing, Erin..you have such an eye for design!

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