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11.05.2008 / Miscellaneous

Mankind Mag is almost finished, Papa Bill is doing well and the hospital cafeteria is serving grilled cheese. All is well with the world today.

Stay tuned for Issue 05, coming up in just a few hours!

  • very happy update! hugs

  • Yay, Papa Bill! (And grilled cheese. Which I had for lunch today to soak up copious amounts of champagne left floating about in my system. :-)

  • grilled cheese? yuuuum!!
    oh i feel like some now.
    so glad to hear the news on papa bill =)

  • i have to admit it. i like grilled cheese from cafeterias. maybe it’s a growing-up-in-indiana thing? :)

    glad your father in law is improving.

  • i think it is, aimee! And thank you all so much again! you are wonderful.

  • Sorry to hear about your father in law. Glad that he’s doing better.
    I’m off to check issue 05 right now!

  • yay! so happy to hear that!!

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