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  • mankind mag’s COVER GIRL!

    12.15.2008 / Miscellaneous


    Oh, I have such exciting news! As some of you know, Mankind Mag is getting a massive facelift in January, and I can’t wait to reveal the re-brand! Before I give away too many previews, however, I need your help.

    If you live in the Tristate area and have a fun, unique look, Adam Krause [Mankind’s debut portrait photographer!] would love to shoot you [on film, that is!]. Contact me at erin[at]designformankind.com with a close up photo of your face [minimal make-up], and I’ll contact you asap!  What better way to thank our readers than feature you on the cover! :)

    [Girls only for now, but don’t worry, boys— your casting call is coming up soon enough!]

    Image Link: Adam Krause

    • Oh, that’s so cool…

    • what fun!!

    • oh, that is so cool!

    • oh boy, minimal make-up, up close – eek!

    • Which states make up your Tristate area? The About page says you live in LA. ;)

    • What a fun idea! Looking forward to seeing the new site unveiled!

    • why do I live in Indiana!? So sad.

    • Oh my. I am so sad I live on the other side of the country. :(!

    • you’re going to have SO much fun looking at what your readers actually look like! How interesting! Keep us updated. Will you do some kind of Tyra Banks ANTM show? Oh my god, trashy reality tv show is my only vice… and biting my nails

    • Looking forward to your next mag! Ooooh the suspense!

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