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    12.11.2008 / Miscellaneous

    I loooove this arrangement of artwork on Souther’s site. So original! Eek!

    Link: click click.

    • i love how the frames are arranged. i’m always on the lookout for frame-spiration! thanks!

    • Oh, yes…this is very nice. I’ve been searching for wall arrangement inspirations. My walls are pretty bare at the moment. Thank you.

    • this is perfect! i’ve been doing a bit of rearranging myself, and this is perfect inspiration for my den art wall.

    • oh i love it love it, too. it reminds me of the apt i lived in when i studied in france. it had all these little framed mirrors hanging on one stucco’d wall. i loved it. maybe it’s time to recreate something like it in my home.

    • Really lovely.

    • I love the arrangement too. I could look at that for hours.

    • i know! i so badly want it in my home! :)

    • This is so awesome and unique!
      (and no, you are NOT bizarre!) :)

    • One day, I will have my own home and then I’ll claim one wall for such a display.

    • Yes, yes, yes!!

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