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    12.08.2008 / Miscellaneous

    Yo Rodeo is comprised of partners Seth Smith and Paul Hammond, and my GRACIOUS, this is some really great stuff. I chose this photo for no reason other than the fact that I totally want to be friends with these people.

    Link: YO.RO.PO.CO..

    • Great photo!! wow…

    • They look super-cool!

    • and I would like to be friends with that dog.

    • seriously— what a cutie! :)

    • Wow, what is going on in the background?! Love this photo!

    • isn’t it amazing??? it’s like they’re in a tunnel of awesomeness! :)

    • dave

      love that photo too – which is actually of Dog Day, a super awesome band in halifax. the guy holding the dog, Seth Smith, is one of the Yo Rodeo duo. Paul Hammond is the other owner/artist – and he is in too many bands to list here. they have – via YoRoPoCo changed the face and future of album art and postering in this town.

    • oh dave! thanks for the inside info! :)

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