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    01.08.2009 / Miscellaneous


    I’m taking a day to decompress after an exhausting week finishing the mag. Although I’m pleased with the final product, I’d love to hear YOUR feedback. After all, it’s for your eyes only!

    Feel free to comment below— any likes/dislikes, specifically? For those of you who didn’t download the mag, what held you back? As always, this is your forum! Comment away, or feel free to email me with your thoughts.

    Thanks for a lovely release. Truly.

    • I haven’t ever gotten the mankind mag, but for some reason one night it was in my dream. they were selling a bunch of them at some store and i had to go buy one. hahaha. weird.

    • Robyn

      I didn’t get it because I didn’t think the past issues were worth paying money for. I know you’ve “revamped” it, but it seems weird that you wouldn’t give away the first issue to show how great it is and THEN charge for issue #2.

    • jkak

      I’d like to comment on the last comment, by Robyn. I think it’s quite odd that you don’t think the past issues are worth paying for, yet issues is plural, so you obviously read more than one. I know that I have absolutely no concept of the amount of work it takes a person to put out an entire magazine, email format or paper format, and when I consider the awesome amount of work it must take, it seems that $1.99 is a very reasonable and fair price. I would like to say I am shamelessly proud of mankind mag, and its lovely editor.

    • I think it was really good. I’ve found the other issues a bit “short”. That is: over so fast! Of course it is always nice to get things for free, but I think that if you’re prepared to spend the time it takes to read through a magazine you’re interested enough to pay a little. Or otherwise: how do you value your time? It’s a totally different story if you’re out of a job and have no money to spend…

      I linked to the mag on my blog!

    • This is great feedback, guys—

      Robyn: I totally understand your perspective. It was my hope that those that enjoyed previous issues would also enjoy the re-brand, but you’re right— if the previous issues didn’t quite do it for you, why should you pay for a new issue? I hope you’ll give us another shot in a few months— I think you’ll quite like what you see! :)

      And JKAK: It is a lot of work, yes. Thank you for acknowledging our hard work and supporting us through it all! :)

    • Thank you Alexandra! I agreed— the mag was much too short, and that was simply b/c the cost to print was SO expensive per page, so I had to pack it into such few pages.

      It is my hope that the new brand will have loads more content so you feel satisfied at the end of the issue! :)

    • i think the emphasis in ‘revamped’ should be on ‘amped’ as in – the new edition is totally AMPED UP! excellent work as always, erin with a great team of contributors. $2.00 – $.01 seems more than reasonable.

    • as an ex-mag designer/editor/etc i can sense your need for a little lie down! as for the $1.99, i think it’s well overdue.
      fav pages: 32-35! also love the spirit of the mag, thanks to the lovely editor :)

    • I love love love the redesign. I think the design was the only thing I wasn’t totally in love with in the past issues, and now I love it. It feels a little more edgy and less cute now, exactly what it needed. I loved all the photos in this issue especially!

    • ps. $1.99 is more than worth it!

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