thank you, tinlark!


Last year, Cris from Tinlark Gallery invited me to co-curate a show, along with seven other HUGE inspirations of mine. I was floored. In an industry where shelter magazines rule and tiny art/design bloggers rarely see the sun, the idea of a show curated entirely by bloggers seemed to be entirely impossible.

Yet Cris from Tinlark pulled it off this weekend with the release of INSPIRED. In her words, INSPIRED is a group show “curated by 8 of America’s best art and design bloggers.”

I’ve never been more flattered; more honored. Thank you, Cris, for seeing a tiny glimmer of talent in our voices. Thank you, artists, for giving us a reason to be inspired.

And lastly, thank you, readers, for cheering us on along the way. I am so, so grateful today.

Link: tinlark gallery

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